Saturday, 15 December 2012

Pragat Guruhari P.P.Hariprasadswamiji

Appearance: 1934
Name: Prabhudas Bhai
Name After Initiation: Sadhu Hariprasaddas
Place of Birth: Aasoj (Village near Baroda)

Prabhudasbhai (Swamiji''''s name before sainthood) was born in Asoj, a small village near Baroda in Gujarat on May 23th 1934. He was brilliant in His studies and modest in acclaiming His achievement since His childhood. Prabhudasbhai was initiated as Sadhu by Guruhari Yogiji Maharaj on Sharadpoornima, 10th October 1965. While proffering diksha on His chosen devotee, Guruhari Yogiji Maharaj proclaimed, ''''This diksha is like the diksha proffered upon M.A.M. Gunatitanand Swami by Lord Swaminarayan in Dabhan (the place where M.A.M. Gunatitanand Swami was initiated into sainthood).'''' These words, coming out of Yogiji''''s divine mouth, were not mere eulogy. These words were futuristic and were spoken by a visionary. It showed the path which the prospect had to take in the future. True to this prophecy, Swamiji became the fifth spiritual successor of the legacy of Lord Swaminarayan. He resolutely followed the regimen of Guruhari Yogiji Maharaj''''s volition. To streamline the resolution, He founded Yogi Divine Society.

He toiled day and night to foster the principle of Atmiyata (Spiritual Affinity with one and all) which is just the other way to foster the principle of samp, suhradbhav and ekta. Swamiji has loved all. He is known as the most secular saint in the contemporary world. Swamiji identifies all with Yogiji Maharaj and that is the reason he is acclaimed as a universal saint who strives to cultivate humanity, devotion and harmony in an individual, in the society, in the nation and in the world. His dictum is, ''''O Lord! Whether the other person becomes Atmiya (spiritually harmonious) or not, please make me Atmiya, (spiritually harmonious)!'''' meaning, a devotee irrespective of the surroundings, circumstances, nature, temperament has to be harmonious and devoted to His Lord and the spiritual master. Today, because of His divine prowess and sublime selfless love, there are thousands of youths whose lives are the model of true piety, devoid of vices.

His magnanimity has led the communion to live the life in accordance to the set principles of Lord Swaminarayan and the saints without artificial persuasion.

His life and work could be more justified when we navigate through the activities inspired by Him, carried out under the auspices of Yogi Divine Society.

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